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7 days

I'll upload a few photos each day to document my last week in the Dominican Republic.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I wish I had a picture, but I don't.

My replacement, Geidy (pronounced 'hay dee'), began working with me at the beginning of December. Geidy grew up in Jarabacoa and accepted Christ twelve years ago. She has been involved in her local church and had led a weekly cell group for the last several years. Her pastor recommended her for the position and she has been well discipled by him. She is my same age and is single. She studied accounting and likes to cross stitch.

I had about twelve work days to teach her all I could about Los Higos, running the Women's Center, and ministering to students before Christmas break began. So far the girls have warmed up pretty well to Geidy. I expect that connecting with them will be a struggle at first. Please pray that God will give Geidy direction in her leadership of the Women's Center and that He will give her favor in the community.


The preschool had a Christmas dinner a few weeks ago. The preschoolers performed a short program prior to the meal- quoting scripture, singing, and dancing to Christmas music. The families were invited and the church, where it was held, was full. For the meal, each child along with two or three family members were allowed to eat. In addition, each child was given a small gift with a toy and candy.